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Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds


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No different from its last-gen versions, Minecraft’s world generation is randomly generated based on “seeds”. It’s an almost limitless game world based on intricate algorithms. By default, the game grabs the current system time as the basic input for the starting values of a world and runs with that. However those seeds can be influenced, they can be copied and pasted into Minecraft’s underlying code, and thus renders the players able to go and recreate worlds. 

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Minecraft forums, wikis and communities out on the web have started collecting some of the best and most interesting seeds that the game has to offer on the Xbox One. We’ve decided to collect some of the seeds and present them to you so you can use them to create a stunning world in Minecraft, should you choose.

The following selection of seeds is just a small sample of the countless worlds that the game can create on Minecraft for the Xbox One. With over 380 trillion unique and different worlds, the possibilities are endless.

Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

(NOTE: To enter a seed, input the BOLDED seed titles listed below into the Seed Generator.)

Latest Seeds


In this seed you’re going to get a rather unique village spawn. Located in within a village location is a Woodland Mansion. So it’s extremely beneficial to venture to this area. You’ll get a village to check out for resources but also Woodland Mansions are always fun places to explore. Because there are so many rooms and secrets, you never really know what you loot you might uncover. To find this village with the Woodland Mansion you just need to the coordinates 160,187,115.



Here’s a seed generation that looks like there’s a desperate need for a lighthouse build. You’ll find an island mass that has a total of four shipwrecks around it. There are bound to be some interesting builds that can make use of this area. To see all four shipwrecks of the island you need to venture to -1194,119,-1199.



Here is a stunning seed to check out. In this seed players will uncover a massive Cherry grove with a lake big enough to make some cool builds. You just need to venture to the following coordinates -1,013,742.



Here’s an interesting seed generation. What sparked so much attention with this seed is that there are two villages spawned next to each other but on two different biomes. You have an Acacia village along with a Plain village. You can find them at -78,156.



In this seed you can come across a pretty unique village setup. Here you’ll find a village generated on its own makeshift island. While it’s near a landmass, the village itself is setup on an island. All you need to do is visit the following coordinates 187,-290.



Looking for just an unusual seed generation worth visiting? This seed was uncovered for both Java and Bedrock, so it should work perfectly fine on console platforms. If you head to the coordinates 19412,-308 and look at a birdseye view, you can spot what fans are calling “the eye of Minecraft.” It’s an interesting lake and biome setup that could be perfect for setting up your personal shelter.



Now this seed is rather cool. Here you can find a truly massive sinkhole within an open body of water. In the depths below, you’ll find a cavern structure and a pit of lava. This view looks like a perfect fantasy spot, and best of all, you can get this seed generation on both Java and Bedrock. All you’ll need to do is head over to the coordinates -425,-770 to see the sinkhole for yourself. 



Sometimes it’s nice to start off a game world with a perfect spawn location. If you’re after aesthetics, you can’t get much better than this. In this seed, you’ll get spawned right in a massive meadow with mountains completely surrounding you. Fortunately, you won’t be alone as there is a village settlement within the meadow as well.



Amazing looking seed with tons of variety. There are outposts, there is a woodland mansion, there are huge mountains and low valleys, snow, trees and so much more. Definitely worth checking out.



A gorgeous seed with some huge snowy mountaintops. There is a lot of ice and forests all around. You can create some amazing snow castles on the tops of the peaks. Every mountain has its own cave system.



A very unique woodland mansion seed with an Ancient City nearby. There are a lot of trees around and a mountain in the distance. Big shrooms make for a great cover from pillagers too.



This seed offers a big jungle with some huge mountains. A great place for any jungle lover. There are also outposts and two Ancient Cities all around the spawn location.



Full of cool things just a few blocks from the spawn point, this seed has a great view of the Badlands mountains, an open mineshaft, access to the  Savanah Village with caves that lead to an underground ancient city.



This seed has a gigantic cave with an ancient city inside. There’s a nice waterfall inside, and it’s so spacious. The coordinates are -950, 0, -660.



This cool village is built into a series of tiers in what looks like the side of an island mountain. The other side appears to be full of trees and plant life while water surrounds the area. The coordinates for this feature are -194, 104, -221.



This seed is described as a witch hut, but it is inside Oak Village. The hut appears to be partially on water and on land. Coordinates are 112, 63, -998.



Nature lovers, in this seed you will be able to enjoy a forest, a cave full of hanging vines and tufts of grass, and a mangrove swamp all in one place.



This snowy village also hides three ancient cities and a stronghold. It looks like the whole thing is underground. The coordinates are as follows: Stronghold (228, -40, 1950); Ancient city #1 (204, -34, 2021); Ancient city#2 (407, -34, 2008); Ancient city#3 (111, -34, 1680); Village: (318, 128, 1944).



This seed has some beautiful scenery to take in. There are several lagoons in the mountain, as well as a beautiful body of water moving through a canyon. There is a flat, grassy area perfect for building surrounded by terraced terrain, and there is a cave with more water features below. 



This seed is full of  underground adventure! Featuring a lush cave, a drip stone cave, ancient city, mineshaft, and more all in the same underground paradise. The coordinates are 167, 86, 2590. 



In this seed, two rivers cross each other to mark a cross on the map. There are large plains on each side, a village to explore, and a mountain nearby.



Instead of featuring various shipwrecks, this seed includes an entire ship that just lays on the beach on 108,68,186. Besides this ship, there is a village a little further to 714, 65, 150.



At first sight, this seed may not seem incredible. But if you head to 495,69,75 you will find a cool exposed mineshaft in the middle of a Mesa biome that you can explore without going underground.



This seed has almost everything you could hope for. It features all biomes, strongholds, caves, craters, villages, fortresses, and even an amethyst geode at 395,-36,229.



Be careful of where you walk with this seed. You will spawn on a high cliff island filled with holes and cavern entrances. Perfect to explore, but also to fall to your death.



If you are tired of forests and would like to live more of an Eskimo life, this seed was made for you. It makes you spawn on an iceberg with a single tree nearby. There are also underwater ruins for you to explore if you feel brave enough.



This seed is a fractured map where rivers flow through various plains and plateaus. There are various villages and other structures to explore throughout the map.



Instead of letting you spawn on a large biome to explore, this seed is set in the middle of the ocean. You spawn on an island and can set off to discover this archipelago, its shipwrecks, ruins, and secrets.



With this seed you can easily stumble upon a shipwreck that is almost intact. To make things a bit more interesting, the entire ship spawned on a beach. You just need to head to the coordinates -3912,64,3744 to see the ship for yourself.



There’s been quite a bit of excitement over caves in Minecraft world generations. If you’re wanting a new cave-focused map then check out this seed. You’ll find a massive cave to explore with the entrance being 1976,193,4212.



With this seed, you’ll find all the various types of logs available within under a hundred blocks from each other.



This seed puts you into a gorgeous spawn location. Here, you’ll find yourself on a frozen island. Here, you’ll have icy mountain peaks to climb up and spot other nearby islands you can venture to.



Here is a seed with an unusual generation. A player discovered an entire Ocean Ruin that’s spawned on land. This could make for an interesting base. Just head to 773,61,-1148.



This seed has a very interesting location to visit. We’re used to seeing some thrilling village generations. However, this seed has a village that’s build alongside a mountainside. Just head to 723,105,1318, to see this mountain village for yourself.



A player randomly came across this world generation that has two spawners next to each other in a stronghold. In particular, you’ll find a zombie and skeleton spawner if you’re looking to farm some drops. All you have to do is head to the following coordinates, -877,-27,-1814.



A new update to Minecraft dived more into caves. There’s now lush caves where you’ll find moss and glow berries. If you have yet to stumble upon one in the wild, check out this seed and head to -149,62,12 to explore this incredible lush cave out.



Survival island fans will want to check into this seed. You’ll get a nice large island to survive but off in the distance you can find a floating ship.



Here’s a cool village focused seed. In this seed, you’ll find a village based around cliffs, but what makes it more appealing is the fact that there are several waterfalls around the village. It’s a bit of a travel to reach from spawn, but if you’re willing to make the trek, it’s a pretty cool generated area to check out.





After a seed that has plenty of diamonds readily available? Venture to the coordinates of the coordinates of this seed to find fourteen diamonds within the same vein. It’s the max amount of diamonds a vein can spawn at the moment, so this is a hefty score.

Massive Diamond Vein




There are some world generations that give out some rare biomes. That’s exactly what this seed brings players. In this seed, you can find a Windswept Savanna biome. The biome features a cliff-like mountain with dirt, stone, and a few acacia trees. You don’t see this biome often, but if you go to the coordinates below you’ll be able to generate this rare biome for yourself.




Looking for a seed that’s more about asythetics? Then take a look at this one. It’s a seed that was shared for having a perfect area to check out and roam around in with mountains being more of the focal point. But you don’t spawn in the area. Instead, you’ll need to venture towards the coordinates marked down below.




There are quite a few seeds that show up with several unique world creations. This seed in particular has a pretty interesting location for mob farming, as suggested by Reddit users online. With this seed, you’ll find a dungeon that’s located in a large geode.




This seed quickly gained attention online for its gorgeous setting. In this seed, players will get a large valley location with three mountains, each with snowy peaks. It’s a great setting to start a build, but you’ll need to venture to the coordinates supplied down below




A big interest right now for Minecraft players is caves with the 1.18 update. In this seed, we have an absolutely incredible cave seed well worth exploring. If you follow the coordinates below, you’ll come across an open cave in a big jungle biome. There are multiple openings, natural lights, and several waterfalls.

Main Cave Entrance



This is a unique seed because right at spawn you’ll be right next to three different woodland mansions and two pillager towers. This will make for an awesome area to build up and make as a base especially if you decide to interconnect these mansions. It’s a rare kind of seed and one that was posted about on Reddit. Because this is all at spawn you don’t have to worry about any particular coordinates.



1.18 brings in some new content and if you’re wanting a seed that’s aimed more farming then this is for you. The seed puts players right into a village where you can start working at gathering those precious resources. Not to mention that the seed has a village above a stronghold. To get the exact coordinates to the stronghold, it’s available down below.


Swamp Village

Ocean Monument



Here’s an interesting seed. This seed has a long village placed within a landmass stretched over a lake. It’s more of a solid line of ground with buildings and a farm placed within it. Then there’s a stronghold below the water depths. To make things even more aesthetically pleasing, surrounding the village are massive mountains. We’ll list out the coordinates of where to find this location in the map.




Another seed that we came across is all about aesthetics. This seed’s focus is the village that’s nearby spawn. There’s a village that’s built up around a mountain and there’s a cave nearby. What you’ll find useful about this cave is that there is a spider spawner inside. The village makes for a great place to settle in right when you start the game.



Here’s a seed if you’re wanting more of a water world kind of build. This level generates with a ton of islands scattered around. From there it’s purely all about trying to survive with the limited resources you have on the different islands. It’s a bit of a survival build as well since you’re having to deal with limited land and some scarce resources.



This is a glitched seed. These are the kind of seeds that provide something a bit more unusual whether it’s a ship merged into a biome or in this case a floating jungle temple. This temple is being held up by the top of its blocks by a mountain. It’s practically airborne and quite an unusual placement for these temples. To find where it’s located we’ll supply the coordinates below.

Floating Temple




Here’s another interesting glitched seed. This seed provides an endless lava ravine. It makes for an interesting setup to a build. Of course, if you’re building up a custom map you’ll want to be careful because it is quite easy to miss a jump and smash right into the lava. You’ll want to be extremely careful when maneuvering around the ravine.



This is a seed that will toss players into the badlands. At spawn you’ll get a massive biome to explore but you might some oddities. For instance, there are several craters featured within the badlands and in some of those you’ll find pools of refreshing water. It’s almost like small little oasis that can make for some interesting custom builds. Still, you can venture further out and find other biomes but the real treat here is the badlands.



Here’s a seed well worth checking into if you’re interested in biomes. It’s a simple seed with biomes being the focus here. In fact, right at spawn, you’re surrounded by all the different biomes which means there’s a good variation of resources you can obtain easily without having to travel very far.



Another solid seed was discovered which was full of different goodies throughout the map. This is one of the more full seeds available right now that you should be making use of.

Village W/ Blacksmith


Skeleton Spawner

Zombie Spawner

Spider Spawner



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