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60 Best Current PC Action RPGs That Will Keep You Playing All Night


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There are a ton of games out there to play ranging from racing titles, open world singple player games, and of course a fan favorite genre — RPG. The role playing genre has gained a significant amount of fans as of late and its due to the developers creating deep and immersive stories that the player can jump into.

Once you get into a good RPG, you can end up spending hundreds of hours into that world. Learn about the lore, understand side characters on a deeper level, or grind out levels to upgrade your gear. As of late, developers have been taking the RPG genre even more serious by adding us an almost cinematic experience that allows us to take control of whats going to happen next.

The list of worthy RPG titles continue to grow and there’s a possibility you wont get to check them all out. Here at Gameranx we helped narrow your decision making as we have listed the best RPG titles of all time!

Check out the full list down below:

#60 Street Fighter 6

Platform: PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S
Release Date: June 02, 2023

Steam | PlayStation | Xbox

When Street Fighter 6 was announced, there were many expectations and hopes among the fanbase. But one thing that no one would have guessed was that the title would be getting a character creation mode that would act like an RPG just as much as a fighting game.

In the story mode, you’ll make your own “World Warrior” from top to bottom. Make them look like you, or make them look however you want! Then, you’ll travel the world, meet up with the various Street Fighters to learn their moves, and create a special moveset all your own!

How will you build your fighter? Get into the game and find out!

#59 Dead Island 2

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 XSX|S
Release Date: April 21, 2023

Epicgames | Playstation | Xbox

Are you ready to face the dead once again? In Dead Island 2, you’ll be put in Los Angeles after a zombie outbreak gone wrong, and it’s up to you to survive. Survive Los Angeles-style that is! You’ll have the option to go to numerous parts of LA and see how bad each section is. Then, when you find the zombies, you can beat them up in numerous ways, including using the environment to your advantage to wipe them out! Plus, since this is LA, you’ll have the chance to meet up with celebrities and see how they’re faring in this zombie apocalypse!

#58 Hogwarts Legacy


Release Date: 10 Feb 2023 | Platform: PC PS5 Xbox Series X|S
(PS4 Xbox One April 4, 2023) Switch (July 25, 2023)
Camera: Third Person
Multiplayer: No
Co-op: (Local: No | Online: No)
Genre: Open World, RPG, Fantasy, Action RPG

Steam | PlayStation | Xbox

Why is Hogwarts Legacy a title you can easily play all night? Well, to start, it’s set at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That means you have a full-on castle to explore that doubles as a school. Once you get into the game, you’ll spend time wandering around, doing classes, learning spells, and unlocking the secrets that are all around.

You can find monsters to battle or kill. You can partake in various clubs within the school, both known and secret. Plus, you can choose what “path” your witch or wizard will take and guide what spells they use in combat.

It’s very easy to get lost in a magical world.

#57 Transistor

While Transistor couldn’t quite meet the level of its predecessor, it’s still an exemplary game in its own right. The story and the storytelling are exceptional, the combat is fast and fluid, while the voicework, especially that of your sword Transistory is breathtaking at all times. The art-style shines, the humor superb, and really, is there anything this game doesn’t do well?

#56 Kingdom Hearts 3

Unsurprisingly, Kingdom Hearts 3 lays it on pretty thick. It’s the conclusion of one of the most convoluted narratives seen in any artform, but despite that, Kingdom Hearts 3 sticks the landing fairly well for the most part. The combat, which was already pretty great, has been refined to its best form, the additional elements like Gummi Ship flight are great, the world is stunning, and somehow they pulled that mess of a plot together.

#55 Bastion

Bastion, no matter which way you cut it, is a masterclass in all facets. There’s not a discipline in game design that isn’t maximize by this 2011 treat, and debut title from Supergiant Games. Many bought the game for it’s looks, only to discover that what was nestled within that beautiful exterior was one of the most enjoyable, soul-warming experiences you’ll ever experience, and one that, to this very day, still holds up better than its more modern peers.

#54 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

There’s an unquantifiable variable in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing that makes the game shine amongst the crowd of its peers. It has an ocean of engaging quests to engage with, a striking world to explore, tons of loot, and a deeply engaging endgame that can keep you at the keyboard for dozens of additional hours, even when it seems like the experience can and should be over.

#53 Torchlight 2 

As this game might look like just a top-down isometric hack and slash RPG, players will quickly realize that the developers built upon the original making the sequel more fierce. Torchlight 2 is focused on gameplay and it hooks you in fast with quick succession attacks, hordes of enemy packs, and boss battle fights that will keep players on the edge of their seats. The gameplay loop of kill, get a reward, and unlock new gear is well balanced and will keep players in a cycle that can keep them going for hours.

#52 Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is relentless in its pace, it’s gory like few games in its genre, and it’s loot systems are god-tier, and it’s one of the best action-RPGs you’re likely to play, if you don’t play it too long, then a few cracks appear. With so much going right, the somewhat monotonous combat and poor balancing of available inventory space and frequency of loot drops stick out prominently, but don’t let it keep you away from experience what is otherwise a genre great.

#51 Sacred 3

Though it lacked polish compared to its contemporaries in Dungeon Siege or Diablo, the original Sacred won hearts due to its less-linear world design, excellent cooperative and competitive play,and numerous innovative gameplay inclusions for the time. Though the game has aged a bit now, the importance of what the game did for the genre remains all these years on.

#50 Victor Vran

Though storytelling and the jokes hit like a wet lettuce leaf, the combat of Victor Vran was something to be savored. The power curve is masterfully delivered as weapons and armor age proportionately to your level, and to play the game with a friend in co-op guarantees a great time. While it’s not as great as its contemporaries in Diablo and Torchlight, it was a game greater than the sum of its parts

#49 Dark Souls

There are always going to be games that set a tone, and put the bar high for things to follow. When it comes to Dark Souls, that was indeed one of those games. The title via From Software takes you to the cursed land of Lordran and asks you to survive all the trials and tribulations that are to come.

Brutality is this game’s intention. No, seriously, between the basic monsters and the bosses you’re going to be fighting? You’ll have a lot to handle. But if you can handle it? Then you’ll be well off for what’s to come. Or at least…you’ll think that.

Plus, with the remastered version, the game has never looked better, and you can see how it all started in a brand new light.

#48 Titan Quest

For those of you who like a little bit of mythology in their games, then Titan Quest is for you. Becase in this title, the Titans of Greek Mythology have escaped their prisons (and that’s a bad thing!) and the Gods themselves are looking for a hero to help them fight them off.

That would be you.

You’ll travel not just through Greece, but through Egypt and Asia as well. You’ll fight some of the greatest villains of mythology, while also fighting alongside some of its greatest heroes! As for your own hero, you’ll have 28 different classes that you can choose them to be! So set yourself on your own Odyssey, and save the world from the titans!

#47 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Let’s not focus on what happened with the original game, and instead focus on the remaster that is overall a much better game. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is a game that puts you in the land of Amalur, which (and this shouldn’t be that much of a surprise) is being threatened by war on all sides!

You are a warrior who was mysteriously rescued from the grips of death, and now, you must use your “key of immortality” to go and save the land from the evils that are trying to engulf it.

Character customization is very much a key thing here in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. As you’ll have a large list skills, abilities, weapons and armor to choose from in order to make yourself ready for the combat to come.

#46 Immortal Fenyx Rising

Ubisoft's plans

Greek Mythology has been big in video games, and one from recent times that got people’s eye was that of Immortal Fenyx Rising.

In the game, the Greek Gods themselves are in danger, and it’s up to a new demigod named Fenyx to save them. To do so, you’ll need not just your wings, but the blessings of many gods from the Greek pantheons to travel the lands and fight evil.

The game allows to fight in the air, on the ground, and everything in between, many have called this “Greek Breath of the Wild” and it does indeed have that feel in some places.

So if you want a more light-hearted but still deep action-RPG, Immortal Fenyx Rising is one to look at.

#45 Final Fantasy XV

Arguably one of the greatest RPGs of the modern era, Final Fantasy XV puts you in the role of Noctis, a prince of a kingdom that is supposed to be getting ready for peace…when a darkness sweeps the lands. Now, you must travel with your three friends across the land, fighting off monsters and figuring out how to save your kingdom!

The game’s combat system is one of the best around, as you’ll use a variety of attacks, magics and abilities in order to kill monsters and fight off threats.

Plus, the picture mode lets you chronicle your adventure all the way up to the end!

And this doesn’t even talk about the DLC expansions which give you even MORE of the story! So don’t miss out on one of the best FF experiences ever.

#44 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z has had a LOT of games over the years, but Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one that lets you experience the main DBZ saga through the eyes of Goku and others in RPG-style combat.

You’ll start off at the Saiyan Saga and go all the way up to the Buu Saga, training to become stronger, fighting some of the greatest villains in anime history, making all sorts of friends and relationships along the way, and get to explore the Dragon Ball universe in a way that honestly hasn’t been done before.

The game even expands the lore to help you understand it a bit better.

So for all you DBZ fans out there, getting Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a must.

#43 Detroit Become Human

In the year 2038, the world has advanced incredibly…for better and for worse. Such as with the fact that androids are not only just everywhere, they are a basic part of life…for better and for worse. Because in the eyes of the humans, these androids are just mechanical servants and nothing more.

You will play as three different androids in different places of society. You’ll get to see humanity through these robotic eyes, and witness how the world is about to change. Your words and actions will affect things greatly, and that is by design. Because the world of the future might just be in the hands of the androids.

Tell us, do you think these machines will become…beyond human?

#42 Phantasy Star Online 2 

Phantasy Star Online 2 brings players into a massive open world filled with other players. Yes, unlike many of our games on this list, Phantasy Star Online 2 is a multiplayer RPG. Jumping into servers players will be greeted with missions, explorable worlds, and monsters to hunt down. It can be played solo, but regardless players will need to join a server. This type of RPG is similar to the old school days of when Runescape was around, however, the mission structure and general story are heavier.

#41 Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2 brings the fun factor as it places you in the middle of some very brutal combat. Slicing off heads, smashing enemies with a cinderblock, and dismembering enemies with your sword is the name of the game here. The enemy variants come in a good amount and the combat always keeping the gameplay fun and the linear story will keep you moving along. 

#40 Tunic

Perhaps the cutest game on the list is Tunic, and for good reason. Gamers will play as a sword-wielding fox as he travels through an isometric top-down world fighting off enemies and completing the game’s story. However, as it may look cute on the surface, the game brings the heat in terms of difficulty. It’s not the hardest game in the world, but it will prove enough challenge to the player to keep them on their toes. Similar to a Legend of Zelda title, Tunic brings a charm to the player that we have not seen in quite some time. 

#39 Cyberpunk 2077 

Developer CD Projekt RED went a little too ambitious when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077, but even after a rocky launch, the game managed to recoup and find some sort of footing in the gaming community. The vast open world felt like no other with its cyberpunk-themed signs, bars, and storefronts. The main storyline introduced some awesome segments, partly due to Johnny (Keanu Reeves). However, the side missions served the purpose for the player, while offering them love interests to pursue. If you skipped the game originally due to the concerning issues at launch, this is a better time to jump into the game and decide for yourself if CD Projekt RED redeemed itself or not.

#38 Dying Light 2 Stay Human

It took us a long time to get the sequel to the acclaimed 2013 title Dying Light, when it finally happened, it took us all by storm. Dying Light 2 addresses each concern people had with the original, improves every facet of the game playing experience and delivers a plot that’s actually worth giving a damn about this time. To cap it all off, the development team intend to support the game similarly to the original, so this greatness will only get greater as the years pass.

#37 Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights may be the best damn Metroidvania that you’ve never played, nor heard of, and yet, that’s exactly how it’s fans want it to remain. Yes, it’s greedy to have this secret gem that nobody else knows about, but Ender Lilies is a masterclass in world and combat design. It’s soundtrack and visual design astound the senses while the story is eerily addictive, and consistently elicits further exploration of the player

#36 Warframe 

Warframe is another free-to-play RPG game that had originally launched on previous generation consoles — PS4 and Xbox One. However, the game has kept involving giving players more content to dive into whether it levels to complete, new enemy types, or upgrades for your characters; Warfarame brought fun and chaotic gameplay style that if played correctly can scratch that itch for your action gameplay fix. 

#35 Scarlet Nexus 

Developed from Platinum Games, Scarlet Nexus is a JRPG that throws players into a super immersive world filled with lore and heavy exposition about how the world works. However, the gameplay is what you would expect from a Platinum Games developed title — Hack and Slash fun! The enemies have unique designs, the gameplay loop is fun, and there are two-story mode playthroughs to complete. 

#34 Warhammer 

Unlike some of these other titles on the list, Warhammer is a more strategic game where the developers force the players to use their brains. Instead of hacking and slashing, players will lead armies into battle, strategically sending out soldiers to fight on their behalf. Warhammer brings players into a simulation of war and if you plan on swinging your way through, think again; strategy is the name of the game here!

#33 Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria could potentially be the best Tales title in the long-running JRPG franchise. This game stands apart from others as it brings a deep story that doesn’t hold back. The characters are memorable, the world is beautiful to look at and the story is engaging. Gameplay is another noteworthy mention as it brings hours of fun to the player while they are on the journey throughout the game. 

#32 Dark Souls 2

You might feel the earth trembling a bit right now, that would be because of the anger Souls fans are displaying right now due to a Souls game being anywhere other than the top spot of this list. Dark Souls 2 however, despite being brilliant in so many ways, had some smaller slip-ups that drew the game back. It’s more accessible that its predecessor without sacrificing the brutality, but the atmosphere of the game lacks a sting to it that every single other Soulsborne title has.

#31 Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen 

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a mix of RPG games fused into one. For players who love that fantasy world akin to Skyrim and for those who like action-heavy hack and slash gameplay from a game such as Devil May Cry, this blend of a game will be for you. Players create their adventurers and set off into the world that is filled with monsters, dragons, and everything else in between.

#30 Code Vein

Capcom has seen the success developer FromSoftware has gained from the ‘SoulsBourne’ games and decided to try their hand at the genre. Code Vein is similar to Dark Souls as it brings a level of finesse the player will need to have if they wish to complete the game. Enemies will be tough, boss battles are massive, and the player will have a stamina system similar to the Souls franchise. However, Code Vein does provide its own unique story and feel to its world, making the game stand out on its own. Borrowing elements from the Souls game helps Code Vein stand out and if you’re a fan of those tortuous games, Code Vein might be of your interest. 

#29 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very specific type of RPG as it places players into a medievil setting. The game offers historically correct landscapes for the period, a deep combat system, and a storyline that follows our protagonist through his journey. This one starts a little slow, but once the gears start rolling, players will be moving along smoothly with side missions to complete, tons of dialogue between a vast array of characters you meet, and combat that will require your attention if you plan to succeed.

#28 Nier Replicant Ver 1.22474487139

Nier Replicant Ver 1.22474487139 was the original title in the franchise, and until Neir Automata released, the franchise was stuck in between being amazing or just good. Now with the sudden success with Automata, Square Enix haveve gone back to re-release the original title, while giving it a little makeover in the proccess. If your interested in learning more about the Nier world, then this title might be of interest.

#27 Path of Exile

Path of Exiles have been running for quite some time now, allowing players to see the progress the developers make as the years pass. Each update brings new fixes, and changes that helps bring the game to a better version of itself. Path of Exiles will be bests suited for those who are fans of the Diablo, top down isometric battle system. The game offers a ton of gear, an expansive (if not overwhelming) skill chart, and a ton of interesting bosses. The grind and reptiting loop cycle should keep you entertained if this type of gameplay.

#26 Yakuza Kiwami

Yakuza Kiwami Ys Origin is a remake of the original title that launched way back in 2005 and for both fans who love the franchise and newcomers alike, this retelling of the iconic story is worth your time. The fighting mechanics have improved similarly to Yakuza 0, and the graphics look generally more cleaner. The franchise has a deep cult-like fan base and for good reason; the game brings the fun. It has its weird moments where you can get lost, but overall the story of Yakuza Kiwami and the combat paired alongside provides for a fun experience.

#25 Persona 5 Strikers 

Atlus has brought more Persona 5 to their fans and this time around the style of the game has changed. Instead of the traditional turn-based gameplay mechanics of Persona 5, players will be freer to attack and fight with real-time battle gameplay. Explore dungeons hacking and slashing through your enemies, while you and the gang take a road trip across Japan. Persona 5 Strikers is more direct in its approach to telling a story compared to Persona 5, but the on-rail aspects of the game work pretty nicely. Instead of the game taking place over a year-long span, this time around players will be confined to a single month. Persona 5 Strikers is great for those who loved the original title and managed to complete the RPG title, as this serves as an epilogue. 

#24 Lost Ark 

Lost Ark is one of the best isometric RPG titles out there and they managed to create a fanbase around the recently released game. Lost Ark was originally released in South Korea, but the developers shortly released the game to the West and that’s when the game exploded. The game centers around players teaming up with angels to defeat the demons who are trying to take over the world; the story is not the biggest seller of the game, but the gameplay, cinematic set-pieces, and the sheer amount of chaos that will take place all around you will keep the player well engaged for quite some time. 

#23 Genshin Impact 

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG title that has taken the gaming community by storm. When it was originally released back in, 2020, gamers all around were dumping hundreds of hours into the game. The beautiful open world, the quirky characters you come across, and the addicting nature of its gameplay had players hooked. The game has gone on to bring new content making the game an endless amount of fun.

#22 Diablo III 

The Diablo franchise is a prominent series in the gaming community. The latest entry in the series, Diablo 3, brought gamers more fun they could imagine. Building upon the original 2 titles, the third entry brings a bigger world, better graphics, and refined gameplay mechanics. Whether you a longtime fan or a newcomer, Diablo 3 is a good game to jump into. 

#21 Monster Hunter Rise 

Capcom’s notorious Monster Hunter franchise has finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch in the form of Monster Hunter Rise. This entry into the franchise is a great addition as it brings everything players to love about the game and packages it nicely for the Nintendo Switch. Players can take Rise on the go due to the portability of the Switch, and the hours of content will keep players entertained for a very long time. If you’re a Monster Hunter fan or would like to jump into one that’s not as massive as something like Monster Hunter: World, then I think Monster Hunter Rise is your best bet. 

#20 Borderlands 3

2K Games and Gearbox brought their collective forces together to bring one of the most epic shooters in RPG history. The Borderlands franchise is already iconic for its whacky gameplay and crazy boss battles, but Borderlands 3 ups the anty even further (if that’s possible). The gameplay in terms of gunplay is silky smooth, the range of weapons to choose from keeps players constantly changing, and the hilarious story will keep you laughing for days to come. This is borderline the best entry in the series and for good reason. 

#19 Hades

The roguelike Metroidvania game Hades is one of the best in its department. Not only due to its addicting nature, beautiful art style, and range of weapons to choose from, but its endgoal of escaping hell that seems attainable but only for those who can push through to achieve it. The story places you in the pit of greek mythology hell, as the son of Hades; you are stuck down there with no way of getting out. However, there is a way out, you have to climb to the top of hell and fight your way out; players will get tossed into a Metroidvania map constantly changing with new enemies, traps, and areas to explore. Not to mention certain levels bring boss battles, if you manage to stay alive without dying and reach the top you escape, if not you start from the beginning. Each playthrough you get a little closer and each playthrough you promise this is the one I escape; it becomes very addicting and attainable to beat. 

#18 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla builds upon Origins and Odyssey, and brings new features to the players that make the game even more vast in scale. This time around players is thrown into a Viking-themed world where players will raid armies, scour the open sea, and fight loads of cool bosses. Valhalla brings a new layer of immersion to Assassin’s Creed, and if Vikings interest you, this combo of a game will work perfectly for you!

#17 Dark Souls 3 

Dark Souls 3 is the best in the Souls franchise, not only because it’s the latest one, but because it brings that familiar gameplay mechanic we learned to love so much in the original two titles and amplifies it even stronger. The boss battles become more intense, creative enemies keep players engaged, and those following the lore of the Souls series were treated with new information. If you like torturing yourself or if you are just that good of a gamer, Dark Souls 3 should be on your list.

#16 Dragon Age Inquisition

Bioware is back at it with another RPG game, this time tackling the Dragon Age franchise. This third installment in the franchise is debatably the best one and brings new mechanics to the fans that they have been longing for. The members of your team grow larger, allowing players to swap them out to best suit their gameplay style, while the story pushes players into areas they never expected to see. Also just noting that for a relatively older title, Dragon Age Inquisition still looks pretty amazing and that’s saying something due to the new hardware gamers are now getting used to. 

#15 Final Fantasy VII Remake 

Square Enix knew that eventually, they would have to do something with Final Fantasy 7, it was too iconic a game to let sit on the shelf. So they had the developers remake the title with current-generation software and it blew gamers away. Both fans of the original game and newcomers alike were immersed into a beautiful, rich world filled with likable characters, and a storyline that remains one of the best in the franchise. Part one is currently available which leaves off on a very dramatic cliffhanger, leaving newcomers on the edge of their seats patiently waiting for part 2. 

#14 The Outer Worlds

The developers who brought us Fallout: New Vegas, come swinging in with their RPG title which seems very similar to the Fallout franchise. The game offers a deeply immersive world set in space, with missions to complete, characters to interact with, and what the developer does the best — a story to keep players engaged. The Outer Worlds is very similar to the Fallout franchise and if you have yet to try it, this will be the time to do so as the game has most of its bugs fixed, while a ton of DLC for the game is released. 

#13 Fallout New Vegas 

Fallout New Vegas had a ton of support from the fans when it launched. Some debated whether or not if this spinoff title was better then a main entry one. Developer Obisidian really brought something fresh to the Fallout franchise with New Vegas and they have made their stamp in the RPG community. Not only did they manage to get New Vegas to be a hit, but they went on to create their own IP, The Outer Worlds!

#12 Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is one of those games we never really thought we would see come to life. From WB Games, players jump into the iconic world of Tolkien’s fantasy world — The Lord of the Rings. Players will fight orcs, see familiar characters such as Gollum, and experience a prequel story of what’s to come before the original books officially take place. The fighting mechanics are so smooth, similar to the Batman Arkham fighting style, but with swords. The game also offers an army-building mechanic and a nemesis system for players to extract top-tier enemies from their ranks and disassemble a powerful army one by one. 

#11 Elden Ring 

Relatively a new title, Elden Ring brings new elements to a beloved Souldsbourne gameplay developer FromSoftware is so accustomed to. This open-world version of a Dark Souls game brings players something both familiar and refreshing at the same time. It can be very confusing for longtime fans to jump into Elden Ring as there is no guides to show you where to go and what to do, but once you embrace the endless journey the game has to offer, the better of a time you will have; except when your dying!

#10 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 

Ubisoft brought the heat when it comes to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Jumping off from the original title, which was set in New York City, the follow-up title places players in Washington DC. The massive space is given to players to explore allowing for new encounters, different enemy types, and more dramatic missions. Division 2 is centered around playing with friends, and if you can rattle up your squad and head out into the wild, this game can bring you a ton of fun. 

#9 Assassin’s Creed Origins 

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is the first AC game to change the iconic formula in the franchise and has broken open a new way of how the game now players. Instead of a boring static fighting gameplay mechanic, players were introduced to dynamic combat, with breakable weapons, and stats that proved to deliver a specific amount of damage to enemies. Origins became more of an RPG game and dived into those types of mechanics that players up until this point weren’t accustomed to in the AC franchise. AC: Origins also managed to reboot the franchise and gave newcomers and hardcore fans a new B-plot storyline to follow. 

#8 Nier Automata 

Square Enix did something really special when it came to Nier Automata. Not only in the terms of creating a world that the player can feel immersed in, but with an amazing and creative story that will keep the players thinking their whole playthrough. Instead of following one character throughout the game, players will see different POVs of characters you meet throughout the game. This allows players to see different situations for different characters and helps broaden their views on what the story is actually about. It’s a very creative game in terms of storytelling, and to make it even better the gameplay is addictive so you’re having fun on both fronts. 

#7 Horizon Zero Dawn 

Guerilla Games took the gaming community by surprise when it came to Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only were we not expecting a single-player open-world adventure game from the developers, but we didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. Players jump into a civilization that has gone prehistoric again, but with the technology of the future still active. Our heroine Aloy fights off giant robot dinosaurs, vicious clans, and everything else in between to succeed in her mission which is to discover what is going on with the animals and the rise of the unknown enemy clan. 

#6 Tales of Arise

Similar to Tales of Beseria (another game on the list) , Tales of Arise brings even more JRPG goodness to the player. Developer Bandai Namco understands the concept of crafting a well-constructed RPG game, and this proves true with Tales of Arise. Players who are looking for a deep and immersive JRPG title to jump into, that comes with awesome gameplay mechanics and loveable characters to join your party, then Tales of Arise will be for you. 

#5 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 

Following up on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Ubisoft’s new gameplay style for the AC franchise has radically changed from the original titles. Players were introduced to special melee weapons that dealt a specific amount of damage to enemies, armor that had a skill level, and a ton of side missions that interwove with the main plot of the game. Set in Ancient Greece, Odyssey remains one of the better Assasin’s Creed titles as of late. 

#4 Fallout 4 

When Fallout 4 was released, many fans were excited to see where Bethesda headed with the latest installment in the beloved franchise. The world was massive, filled with nooks and crannies to explore, a massive main storyline to follow which was quite engaging, and a whole fortress camp-like mechanic that allowed players to create their sheltered communities. Fallout 4 not only brought what the fans wanted, but it also delivered new mechanics that made the game feel fresh and alive.

#3 Mass Effect Legendary Edition 

Bioware is arguably most known for the Mass Effect franchise. The original 3 titles will go down in history as one of the best RPG games to date, regardless of how far we get from the initial release of the games. Mass Effect brings players into a world that feels lived in, with politics, characters with personality, and with an end of the world storyline guiding the player through all three titles. From the start of the first game to the end of the third game, players will be connected to Shepard and want to see how this story plays out, and it is worth every minute of your time. 

#2 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt RED has come close to making the top spot, but it’s definitely the best RPG game in the past decade. Geralt of Rivia is a character most gamers know and have sunk more than hundreds of hours with him in the world of Witcher 3. CD Projekt RED managed to bring something special to this game, not only with its amazing storyline that keeps players always wanting more but with their side missions. This is where the game’s strongest parts come into play. Players will jump into a side quest that they thought would be quick, only to go down a rabbit hole to learn a deep backstory of the characters. These little stories can arguably last longer in your memory and have you talking with your friends and discussing the little stuff you come across that they might not have seen yet, it’s fantastic!

Bethesda could be argued as the king of RPGs and there is no better game to showcase their abilities than when it comes to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game has made a giant stamp on the community and for a good reason. We saw so many iterations of the game get remastered and each time the players will go pick it up again. The sense of detail, story, world, environments, random encounters, missions that lead to nowhere, missions that lead you to something you never expected; Bethesda nails the RPG element on its head with Skyrim, and that’s why it got to be crowned as the best in its field. 

The list was long but filled with a ton of great games to choose from, whether its option number 3 or number 37, you are in surely going to have a good time. But everyone has a different opinion on what games should be ranked, so I want to hear what you think the top 3 best RPGs of all time should be. Let us know in the comments below!


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