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42 Best Switch Action Games


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Most people want action and excitement in their video games. So if you have a Nintendo Switch and want to know where to put time and money, we have 41 games to suggest.

#42 Hogwarts Legacy

Platform: PC PS5 XSX|S – February 10, 2023
Release Date: (PS4 Xbox One – May 05, 2023) (Switch – July 25, 2023)

Steam | Playstation | Xbox

There is much ado about Hogwarts Legacy, and for a good reason. The title has been anticipated for quite some time, and you’re undoubtedly ready to begin your magical adventure! But no matter what you decide, you must be prepared for magical combat! First, learn spells from your teachers, other students, or books in the library. Then, battle against other houses in duels, against mighty magical creatures, or even against some who stand in your way! Will you use your magical capabilities for good? Or will you venture down the path of a Dark Witch/Wizard and use the Unforgivable Curses to obtain power and glory? It’s your choice.

#41 ARMS

Let’s start out with a game that is literally all about the action. ARMS was a new IP that Nintendo launched in 2017, mere months after the Nintendo Switch came out.

The hook was that your arms are extendable instead of a standard punching title. You’ll need to shoot them out and aim them toward your opponent or your opponent’s fists. Those fists have armaments that can help you do damage to your foe.

There are multiple characters in the game, many of whom have special tools to turn the tide in their favor. Use them and the environment well and become the top champ!

#40 Persona 5 Strikers

Fear not. We’ll talk about the original game with the Phantom Thieves later on. But, if you have already played that game and forgot about its “sequel,” then let’s tell you about Persona 5 Strikers.

The game takes a “Warriors-style” approach to the original title. They ditch the turn-based RPG combat system and move it to a hack-n-slash where you’ll put your Phantom Thief against armies of monsters with your Persona at your side!

Prepare for the “ultimate summer vacation” as you battle across Japan to free hearts from the darkness that consumes them. Are you ready to steal some hearts?

#39 Diablo III

While Blizzard is still making its fourth mainline entry in the action-RPG series, why not dive into the third entry to pass the time?

Diablo III once again has you fighting against the forces of evil as they try and consume Sanctuary and all that’s around it. It’s up to you to stop them. Choose your character class and explore the many areas of the world. Defeat hordes of monsters and collect rewards to build your character further.

Be smart about how you grow, as your enemies will grow tougher as you progress. Will you be able to restore order to the world or further plunge it into darkness?

#38 Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Oh, what’s that? You want standard zombie destruction in your action games? Ok, we have Dying Light 2 Stay Human for you!

Set years after the original title, you’ll take on the role of a new protagonist who winds up in a city full of zombies. Oh, and people are trying to seize control of the city, and to get what you want, you’ll need to help some of them.

One unique thing about the game is that action can be optional if you want it to be. You don’t need to take on the zombie hordes unless you choose to. Plus, there are plenty of other missions to maintain your action desires.

#37 Ori and the Blind Forest

When Ori and the Blind Forest came out, many were moved to tears at the beautiful story and world that the developers crafted. The definitive edition later came to Switch, and gamers could enjoy it anew on the mobile system.

You play as a young creature in the forest of Nibel. But something is wrong with the forest, and it’s dying as a result. So now, you must trek through the forest and stave off the dangers that try and catch you so you can learn the truth and save all that’s living within.

The game is beautifully rendered, and you’ll have many memories as you help get Ori to where they need to go. 

#36 Street of Rage 4

The beat’em franchises of the past have slowly been reborn in the modern era. Arguably one of the best of the bunch was Street of Rage 4. The classic series got its first entry in 25 years and brought back the fun and style like it never left.

The game was seriously upgraded to ensure that people saw the difference. We’re talking hand-drawn characters and animations to look quality, all-new music tracks to reflect modern times, and more.

Axel, Blaze, and Adam are all back, and they’re ready to clean up the streets with their arsenal of moves and abilities. So are you ready to take back what’s yours?

#35 Dead Cells

Dead Cells likes to say that it combines many different genres, including Roguelike, lites, and Metroidvania games. The result is a title with brutal combat, lots of exploration, loads of weapons to wield, and more.

The game has seventeen levels, and they’re tailored to be different yet interconnected. You can choose which ones to tackle based on your current weapons loadout. Then, when you clear the area, you can return to it anytime, if you want.

Your skill determines how fast you go through the game and what you do in it. So get started and see how it goes. Or jump back in for the first time in a while and see how well you remember things.

#34 Wolfeinstein II: The New Colossus

The alternate history war story continues in the brutal sequel Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. While the resistance did well in the first game, it wasn’t enough to shake the world free from German influence.

BJ Blazkowicz is back, and this time, he’s going to head to the United States to try and recruit more help to take down the Reich and get the world back on track. Unfortunately, doing so will be anything but easy. The game features even more brutal combat and enemies than before. Travel across multiple places in the US to see who you can find and what Germans you can put down.

#33 Hollow Knight

The Metroidvania series has given gamers many exciting titles, and Hollow Knight is easily one of the best. The game puts you in an underground world where an adventurer is trying to discover the truth of a lost kingdom.

The open 2D world gives you multiple options for progressing and completing the title. But no matter which path you choose first, know that you’ll have to face many threats that lie within. Evolve your skillset to learn new magic or to power up your weapons. With over 130 enemies to fight, and 30 bosses to beat, you’ll have your work cut out for you.

#32 Luigi’s Mansion 3

Wait, Luigi had a game with action in it that didn’t make him run away? Huh, who would’ve thought?

Jokes aside, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is arguably the best in the series, making the long wait for it worth it. Luigi and co. go to a nice hotel to relax, only to find out it’s haunted! Luigi barely escapes their clutches thanks to his gear and must free his friends and capture all the ghosts in the haunted place!

Wander the themed rooms and floors of the place, solve the puzzles that emerge, and suck up the ghosts! Except for Polterpup, he’s cool. So keep your nerve, and show you aren’t afraid of no ghost!

#31 Okami HD

We don’t want to say that the Switch has a “habit” of getting ports of games that have been out for years before the system came out, but then you see games like Okami HD, and you have to wonder if it’s true. Hint: it is.

But the good news is that this port is worth the play if you’ve never tried it before. It’s a beautifully stylized game where you play as the sun goddess Amaterasu as she tries to save the world from the lifeless curse of a vile monster.

Use your paintbrush to create attacks and bring life back to the world!

#30 Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal was the sequel to the 2016 reboot of the franchise, and while it may not have been as grand as anticipated, it is one of the most intense action games you’ll ever play.

With more armies of monsters on the brink of taking on the Earth, the Doomslayer must rise again to wipe them off the face of the universe. You’ll do so with brutal efficiency and weaponry that will make those monsters shake in their boots!

The game is fast-paced, over-the-top, and insanely challenging. Some of you won’t mind that at all, and thus the game is perfect for you. You know, unless your squeamish

#29 Mario Strikers: Battle League

It’s only fair that we have a sports title here, don’t you think? Of course, that goes double since Mario Strikers: Battle League is an action-focused sports title.

Fans had been begging for a third game in the series since the last one came out on the Wii. The Switch game was an answer to their prayers and then some. The game brings back the physical and intense version of soccer/futbol and adds some new layers to it.

One of them is the armor system. You can customize your characters to suit your playstyle and get a leg up on the competition. Plus, you can form online leagues and battle for supremacy.

#28 Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Perhaps you want a title that you can enjoy near infinitely but don’t have to pay a steep price to play. If so, then Apex Legends is the route you want.

The game is a 3v3 title primarily. You’ll pick from various characters and fight against other groups to be the dominant party. How well you do depends on your skill with your champion and how well you work as a team.

Respawn Entertainment is constantly updating the game with seasons worth of content, new modes, and adjusting the title based on player feedback. It’ll keep growing so long as people play it.

#27 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Many Switch gamers were happy when Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 was announced at The Game Awards. The action RPG had been dormant for years before its revelation. Thankfully, the Switch exclusive was everything fans could hope for and more!

The game is a franchise reboot and embraces all the advances that Marvel characters have had over the years. The story focuses on the Infinity Stones, which need to be collected again. Assemble an impressive collection of Marvel Comics heroes, anti-heroes, and even villains to stop the forces of evil from conquering everything.

Who will you put on your squad? Jump in and find out!

#26 Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

You can always expect action in a Kirby game, but it got taken to the next level with Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Kirby and all the Waddle Dees have been sucked into another dimension! Now, with a new friend to assist you, Kirby must find all the Waddle Dees and defeat the Beast Pack to find a way home.

Alongside your classic copy abilities, Kirby also has “mouthful mode,” which will grant you new skills to take on new challenges.

Plus, you can upgrade the powers you wield so you can do even more damage! So get ready to do the Kirby Dance every time you beat a level!

#25 Shovel Knight

Many old-school gamers are now making video games, and the results of that can sometimes lead to greatness like Shovel Knight.

The title from Yacht Club games has gotten very expansive over the years, but the original games are all on the Switch via “Treasure Trove.” These 8-bit titles invoke everything you loved about the original consoles and arcade cabinets. Lowkey visuals, chiptune music, challenging difficulty, it’s all here!

As the titular Shovel Knight, you’ll travel across the land to see if you can rescue your beloved Shield Knight! You’ll wield your shovel and an assortment of other weapons and items to ensure your victory. So don’t waste another moment!

#24 Super Mario Odyssey

It might seem odd that one of the best games featuring everyone’s favorite plumber is barely midway through the list. But if you think about it, Super Mario Odyssey is more about the adventure than the action.

When Mario witnesses Princess Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser again, he must set off across more kingdoms than ever before to save her!

You won’t be alone, as you’ll have Cappy to help you “control” enemies and items to help you collect moons to power your ship! Search high and low for them and complete challenges to get more! So jump up, Superstar, and let’s do the odyssey!

#23 Cuphead

Cuphead DLC

One of the most popular IPs out there currently, Cuphead was a passion project from a couple of game developers who wanted to prove that their idea could work. Their gamble paid off, and the game’s sales have been huge.

You’ll play as Cuphead and Mughead and find yourself trying to get out of a deal with the devil!

To succeed, you must head to various places and defeat the bosses that lie within! But it won’t be easy. The game is known for its brutal difficulty with or without a co-op partner. So you’ll need to be quick with your wits and the pushes of your buttons to survive!

#22 Astral Chain

The first of many titles from Platinum Games on this list, Astral Chain goes full force into its anime aesthetic by showing you a post-apocalyptic world full of other dimensions, clones, evil bosses, and more.

You serve as one of the last vestiges of hope in a world that has been almost erased. When you can take control of the enemy’s forces, known as Legions, you’ll serve as the tip of the spear in an attempt to change the world’s destiny. But there are more things at work here than you realize. Experience intense battles and solve mysteries to help keep the people of the last city on Earth safe from threats both outside and within.

#21 Mortal Kombat 11

That’s right. It’s time for MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!

We couldn’t resist. But being serious for a moment, Mortal Kombat 11 is the best game in the franchise by a large margin. If you don’t believe that, let’s remind you that the title is the best-selling game in the line by an equally large margin.

Plus, thanks to the time-travel element, you’ll have battles with characters past and present and see what would happen when these characters can change their fates. The action is as intense as ever, and things like “Friendship Finishes” help change the feeling when you want to. Add that to a swath of great DLC characters, and you’ll have a lot of Kombat to do.

#20 Pokemon Legends: Arceus

We’re not going to put Gen 9 on this list, but we will put Pokemon Legends: Arceus here because it sometimes has more of an action-game feel. That feeling cements during the Elder Pokemon fights you do in the game.

But there is a thrill here when you wander the land of Hisui and can capture Pokemon without constantly battling them. You might even say the “action” is refining your craft to keep catching all day long and only fight Pokemon battles when you want to.

The combat system has gotten a few tweaks, but it’s the action-adventure part of the game that you’ll love more.

#19 Mario + Rabbids Series

When Ubisoft revealed they were going to make a game fusing the worlds of Mario and their Rabbids characters, people thought they were lying.

But they weren’t lying, and they made two of the most incredible and tactical video games because of that. So whether you play the 2017 or the 2022 title, you’ll have a hilarious and action-packed adventure awaiting you.

Pick your party of three from the characters available and go to war against corrupted Rabbids and characters from the Mario universe. Work together as a team to pull off incredible combos and secure your victory!

The game is more fun than it has any right to be, so don’t miss out.

#18 Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Many surprising games have come out in recent years, but Ori and the Will of the Wisps proved that you could take one of those surprising games and make it even better.

Ori has grown to understand the dangers of the world she lives in. But that won’t stop her from trying to save an owlet from danger when their paths cross. Use a new action-filled system as you battle across the realm to help a friend and understand Ori’s true purpose.

Fans and critics agree that the title is fantastic, so if you haven’t enjoyed it yet, fix that now!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was initially released on the original Game Boy, expanding the beloved saga to new heights. Over two decades later, it got a remake/remaster on the Nintendo Switch, and the title is just as good as you remember.

As Link, you’ll wash up on an island you seemingly can’t escape. Your only means of escape is to free the sacred Wind Fish on top of a mountain. But the truth around that god and the island you’re on is deeper than you realize.

Battle across eight dungeons and the overworld to find the secret and get off the island!

#16 Control

Yes, we know that the game is only available via Cloud Support, but it can run fine if you get it to work!

Here was a game that surprised many people when it came out because there wasn’t a lot of buzz about it. But when you dove into the story and enjoyed the gameplay, you understood what made it so special.

You play as someone who goes into the Bureau of Control to find their brother, only to find the director dead. You now run the place and must use incredible powers to work your way through the floors and discover the hidden truths around you.

#15 Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Nintendo has only officially stepped into the “Warriors-style” gameplay a few times, and most would agree that Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is the best attempt yet. By that, we mean that it is an incredible title that many will enjoy.

The game acts as a “prequel” of sorts to Breath of the Wild, which you’ll see soon, and focuses on the fall of Hyrule. Through a special time-traveling robot, you’ll set things in motion that’ll give an exceptional payoff at the end.

Plus, you’re going to battle hundreds and thousands of enemies as various characters, both familiar and new. So find the ones that work best for you and wipe your enemies off the map.

#14 Monster Hunter Rise

What’s that? A game of hunting monsters makes it onto an action games list? What are the odds?

Monster Hunter Rise is, without a doubt, one of the most successful 3rd-party games the Switch has, if not the most successful. The Capcom game had some question marks when it was announced, but the gameplay and story soon put those fears to rest.

You’ll have to battle incredible monsters to save the day; some will take a while to beat. Plus, you’ll need to craft the best possible weapons and armor, so you don’t get left behind by your partners in the field.

#13 Xenoblade Chronicles 1/2/3

We made sure not to say this was a “series” entry because there’s one entry that is suspiciously not on Switch. But, Xenoblade Chronicles 1-3 are, and they are both action-packed RPGs and titles with action-packed stories.

Heck, if you were to get all three games and play them to their fullest, you would be invested for hundreds of hours without breaking a sweat.

The combat system is a bit complex, but it does get better the more you use it. Add to that, you’ll fall in love with the characters and worlds that you get to explore. If you’re an RPG lover, there’s no reason not to get this trilogy!

#12 Persona 5 Royal

We previously talked about the “other title” connected to this game, but now let’s talk about the main one. Persona 5 Royal was a game that gamers had been asking for years from Atlus. Unfortunately, it seemed like we would never get it. But then, they announced that we would, and the rest was a waiting game.

The title perfectly blends RPG action with anime style and a deep story. Add that to epic characters you can interact with in various ways, and you can easily get invested in the game for hours at a time.

Many have hailed it as one of the best Nintendo Switch ports, so there’s no reason not to play it.

#11 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the games that brought the popular Ubisoft franchise back from the brink. The previous title got the ball rolling, but this one kept it going, if you will. Regardless, the journey you’ll take is of an outcast who must become one of the best warriors in the land.

With the backdrop of ancient Greece, you’ll head to multiple iconic places like Athens, Sparta, and beyond to help turn the tides of fate. All the while, you’ll take part in massive battles, including ones involving armies!

So rise up and carve your name into the history books one spear thrust at a time.

#10 Bayonetta Series

The Bayonetta Series is another of the masterpieces that Platinum Games have made, and it won’t be the last one to end up on this list. But we’re being fair and putting all three games with the beloved Umbra Witch in one spot. If for no reason, then they tell the “whole story” here, and the action is a perfect partner for that.

The game is over-the-top and unapologetic in the depiction of Bayonetta, her moves, her dialogue, her outfits, and everything in between. There’s a reason she’s a beloved character, and you’ll have a blast grinding through the levels trying to get the best scores for each “verse.”

You also are likely to cry at the end of the third game. You’ve been warned.

#9 Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread was a game 15 years in the making. The producer behind it had this concept in mind for that long, but he never had the console to bring it to life. Until the Nintendo Switch came around, that is.

In the title, Samus Aran is tasked with investigating a planet with a familiar foe. But when she arrives, things immediately go wrong. Now, she must search the planet for a way to the surface and avoid the numerous creatures of the planet and the robotic EMMIs that have been corrupted.

The game is challenging and tense, so don’t take it lightly, or else you’ll pay the price.

#8 Hades

Few games have come out in recent years that made as much of an impact as Hades did. The title about Zagreus and his escape from the underworld charmed everyone with its beautiful art, fast-paced combat, and infinite amount of replay value it has.

You are the son of Hades, and you’re determined to get out of the underworld no matter what. So get blessings from various Greek gods and demigods and wield them in combo with your weapons to beat the minions and monsters of your father! But nothing is easy in the underworld, and you’ll need to clear the game multiple times to get the true ending! Think you can last that long?

#7 Splatoon 2 & 3

The Splatoon series has been one of Nintendo’s most significant new successes. Remember, the first game came out on the Wii U, and the sequel came on Switch only a few years later. Then, we got the third entry in September, and fans still love everything about this series.

Turf Wars punctuate the action-fueled game modes. The terrain-based mode has you trying to cover your territory in ink. But that’s hard to do when the enemy tries to “SPLAT!” you and make you start over.

With only three minutes on the clock, every round is an intense war of will and skill. So be a kid, be a squid and get the win!

#6 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the game that started it all for the Switch. It was their “killer app” at launch, and it became the Game of the Year without much issue. Not a bad way to start a console generation, right?

The game is full of action on the main path and the beaten one. You’ll always be near enemies as you wander around the world. Plus, temples scattered around the land of Hyrule will test you in other ways. Add that to the divine beast levels, the dragons you can hunt, and all the weapons you can collect, and you’ll be a busy hero.

Pretty perfect timing, wouldn’t you say? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has stood the test of time since its release and an infinite number of re-releases, but when the game hit the Nintendo Switch, many saw a turning point for Nintendo’s new system because they had never gotten a Bethesda game before.

Now fans could wander the lands of Skyrim and go on adventures that would take them hundreds of hours to beat, and that’s if they were lucky!

The game is so robust and fun that it’s hard to talk about one thing. But the action in the game is excellent, and you can constantly change your character to be a different kind of fighter to suit your tastes.

#4 Fortnite

Fortnite extinguish fires on structures with slurp challenge

One could argue that Fortnite is one of the most action-packed games in existence right now. After all, the entire premise of the primary mode is to fight people in battles of 100 players and see who can make it as the last one standing.

Since every fight will be different, it’s not shocking to see it be so popular. Plus, Epic Games is constantly making additions and adjustments to keep things fresh. There’s always something to do without feeling repetitive: new skins, new game modes, and the story mode that just entered Chapter 4. Or, at the least, not as though you’re doing the same match repeatedly because there’s always something different.

#3 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

When it comes to action in RPGs, there are many that we’ve shown you that “fit the bill” for having a lot to do and battle. But The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes a special place at No.3 on our list because it’s another game where you’ll want to explore every element of the world to see what’s there.

Because of the main game and its robust DLC expansions, you’ll have plenty to task Geralt of Rivia with. But unlike other games where the quests, sidequests, and expansions can feel “tacked on,” it never feels that way here.

Plus, battling all the mythical creatures as a Witcher is a thrill.

#2 Nier: Automata

It’s ironic that a title that only recently came to the Nintendo Switch is No.2 on our list. But the reason for it is simple. Platinum Games made the game, and they know how to do action.

Not just that, but the set pieces of the series are incredible. You’ll play as androids trying to take on a robotic threat, and the moves you’ll need to pull off to defeat them are not insignificant. Plus, the story takes you in so many directions that you can’t help but do the action over again to see all the endings, and there are a LOT of endings.

#1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Some might consider this entry cheating…but we don’t! First off, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting game, so action is guaranteed. Second, it’s the best-selling fighting game of all time, giving it more respect.

Finally, it has one of the most epic rosters you’ll ever bear witness to, and there are plenty of action-packed modes to wield them in. So yeah, this is fine.

The game is a love letter to video gaming at its finest, and we loved every minute we spent in it. Yes, even when we were losing online. You can play the game for years and not get bored, and we can say that because it’s been out for a couple of years, and we’re not bored.


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