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21 Best Viking Games of All Time


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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Vikings. They’re one of the groups of warriors in our history that are so well-known and praised (mostly) that we can’t help but put them in various media and retell their stories (such as with the recent film The Northman). And in video games, if you know where to look, there are Vikings a plenty.

#21 God Of War Ragnarok

Platform: PS5 PS4
Release Date: November 09, 2022

If there is one thing that Kratos seeks more than anything, it’s peace so that he can be with his son. But the gods of Norse mythology have other plans for the duo, and everything comes to a head in God Of War Ragnarok.

When the endless winter approaches, Kratos and Atreus must unite a group of allies to try and stop Ragnarok from happening, but will the machinations of Odin be too much for them? So venture through the Nine realms, unlock the truth, and stop all that’s happening!

The Norse Saga comes to a shocking conclusion. Will you be ready for what it is?

#20 Valheim

Platforms: PC

Let’s start off with a game that is very good at being a Viking title, shall we?

Valheim is a survival game that you can either play by yourself, or, with up to 9 other players in order to go and live out a Viking journey in a new land full of wonders, dangers, and exploration.

The world of Valheim is procedurally generated, and as such, you’ll have to work together (or work alone) to get supplies to forge your homes, build up your defenses, craft weapons, and see all that is out there in the world.

This includes many different monsters of various varieties and if you’re not careful, you’ll be sent to Valhalla before you’re ready. So build, explore, fight, and what Valheim has to offer you.

#19 Crusader Kings III – The Northern Lords

Platforms: PC, X/S, PS5

Crusader Kings III is actually a pretty expansive game on its own. But if you want the “Viking Touch”, you need to get “The Northern Lords” DLC.

The expansion is one that’ll have you taking up as a Viking lord, and doing what you want upon the lands. All the while embracing what it means to be a Viking via special units like Shieldmaidens and holy warriors!

As if that’s not enough, the game got some special art and music made so that you can FEEL like you’re playing a Viking group as you’re controlling them.

They went full tilt on this expansion, and as a result, you should absolutely go and play it.

#18 Vikings Wolves of Midgard

Platforms: PC, PS5, XBO

Does that just SOUND like a Viking game title? Just saying.

Anyway, in Vikings Wolves of Midgard, you take your role as the leader of a group of Viking warriors who have only one mission in life: to save Midgard from Ragnarok.

Yes, Raganrok, the deadly “end of times” that has been foretold within its culture for countless millennia, and in the game, the world of Midgard is on the brink of it. The gods and monsters are starting to make their plays to get it started and come out on top, and you must prevent that at all costs.

As you travel and fight, you’ll get to collect items and make sacrifices to the gods so that you can be stronger and get what you need to overcome the dangers ahead.

Will you stop Ragnarok? Jump in and find out.

#17 Volgarr The Viking

Platforms: PC, XBO, PS4, PSV, Wii U, NS

If you’re wanting an old-school feel to your Viking title, then Volgarr The Viking is the one for you. This game puts you in a style of video game that is very much like Ghouls n’ Ghosts, the OG Castlevania, and more.

Simple controls, brutal difficulty, and a whole lot to fight and explore.

You’ll journey across 7 worlds, with over 30 maps to delve into, and 40+ monsters to fight, not including the massive bosses.

This game is not for those who hate a challenge. If you go in, prepare to get your butt kicked, and then roar Viking-style when you overcome.

#16 Expeditions Vikings

Platforms: PC

Not unlike many games on this list, Expeditions Vikings puts you as the leader of a clan of Viking warriors, but where this game excels is in the choices that you get to make. Not the least of which is you being able to customize your Viking Lord, complete with their looks, and stats. Then, with a ship of Viking warriors at your beck and call, you’ll be able to guide your clans path to glory…no matter where that takes you.

You can choose the path of economics and allow your clan to be gatherers and traders. Or, you can be true to your Viking nature and just raid, pillage, and take whatever you want.

This only doubles down when other people are brought into play. How you treat them, work with them, or fight them, will determine the story that unfolds.

#15 Frozenheim

Platforms: PC

Are you ready to “let it go”, Viking-style? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

In Frozenheim, you are the head of a cast out group of Vikings, and now you must go and restart life in a new area. Your entire people are looking up to you, so obviously, you can’t let them down.

The game boasts not just management mechanics, but RTS combat, exploration, skill trees, and more. You’ll need to build up your settlement and then expand it so that your people can thrive. Then, you’ll need to send out parties on foot or by ship to explore more lands, get resources, and possibly, attract enemies.

You can form alliances with other players, or seek total domination, it’s all up to you. Just remember, the goal is a better life for your people.

#14 Tribes of Midgard

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5

Tribes of Midgard puts you in the role of a group of Vikings who are tasked with guarding the seeds of the world tree. Guarding from what? Well, that would be hordes of invaders, spirits, and more!

Every single night, you’ll have to face these enemies down in order to prevent the start of Ragnarok. But that makes you adventures in the daylight hours even more important.

You’ll need to explore and sail to distant lands in order to get materials, fight monsters, claim treasures, and whatever else you decide to do before heading back and building up your defenses for the night attack.

With co-op and roguelite elements, you’re going to be very busy in this title.

#13 Ragnarock

Platforms: PC

And now…for something completely different. Have you ever wanted to really rock with your Viking brethren? Then Ragnarock is for you! Yes, that’s not a misspell, that’s what it’s called.

This is a VR rhythm game where you are the captain of a Viking ship and you must hit the right notes in order to get your ship to move faster and thus complete the race before your opponent!

See? We told you it was something different. We do want to note that this is a simple yet fun game that has cross-platform capabilities and many ways to face your friends. All the while having some very authentic Viking music for you to rock out to.

#12 Jotun

Platforms: PC, Wii U, PS4, XBO, NS

You quest to reach Valhalla begins with your death in Jotun. For this game has you as the fallen Viking warrior Thora, who died ingloriously and thus can’t reach the sacred afterlife.

So now, you must travel a vast land in order to unleash Norse elementals known as Jotun, and as you defeat them with your mighty axe and blessings from the gods, you’ll gain favor and soon get your chance to reach Valhalla.

The game is hand-drawn, and beautifully portrays not only the Norse landscape, and the realms within, but helps you learn about Thora’s story, and thus feel more compelled to complete her quest!

#11 Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Platforms: PC

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia has a very simple goal as you go and play it, “rewrite history”. Or at least, you have the option to. Because the game is set just after 878 AD, when the King of England is able to beat off a Viking invasion. But, the Vikings, as well as other factions, have settle all across the land, and while there is peace now, there will be Total War soon.

See what I did there?

In the game, you’ll get to play as one of 10 different factions in order to try and be the one true king when the dust is settled. This includes having a Viking faction that you can make rise to victory.

The battles will be tough, but if you come out on top? No one will be able to stop you in the end.

#10 Mount & Blade Warband

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Mount & Blade Warband on its own isn’t a Viking Game, but, there is some DLC that you can get that will put you in the Viking spirit through a completely separate campaign that you can play from the Viking perspective.

In this version of history, you’ll play as a group of Vikings in Ireland, where the land is not what it seems to be. What’s more, you’ll be interacting with gods and other beings that can be put into your army.

The DLC is vast, including having hundreds of characters, hundreds of cities, various mechanics to give you a real taste of battle, and more. Plus, it’s been updated to be even better, so why not give it a try?

#9 Northgard

Platforms: NS, Android, PS4, XBO, PC

Northgard is a game that very much plays into the nature of Vikings and their culture in the best of ways. In the main game, you’ll play as the leader of a group of Vikings who have been sailing for years to find a new home. And they have found that in the continent of Northgard.

Now, you must lead the group to build up a settlement, make or take supplies, and figure out the mysteries of this land. Not the least of which are the massive wolves, the undead, and even giants! You make this colony what you want it to, as long as you survive.

Then, there’s story content that gives you plenty of campaigns to do as you dive deeper into Viking culture and try to obtain the result and future you desire.

#8 The Witcher 3

Platforms: PC (Mod)

Ok, yes, we know, The Witcher 3 (and the rest of the games) are very much NOT Viking titles. They’re very much medieval and fantastical in nature, we accept that. But, that doesn’t mean the mod community does!

Some people have made it so that you can go and play the game as Geralt the Viking, it’s very fun. And honestly, it fits more than you likely want to admit.

Plus, do you really need a reason to go and play The Witcher 3? It’s one of the best action and RPG titles out there filled with great characters for you to have fun with and monsters to kill. Regardless of whether you’re a Witcher or a Viking.

#7 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS, X/S

If you’re looking for a truly different kind of Viking title, you need look no further than Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

In this game, you’ll play as Senua, who is about to go on a quest that will test her mind, body, and soul, all in an attempt to get back the soul of her dead lover. This game was built to be a fantastical window into the mind of a grieving and psychologically broken person.

That’s part of the reason that this game has been so praised since its release. And its sequel is set to do even more. This is not a journey for the faint of heart, so be wary should you go in unprepared…

#6 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, X/S

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has done a lot of cultures in their franchise, but when it finally came time to do Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, they made sure to go big on it and make it feel like a Viking game through and through.

And as a result, you have a very fun time awaiting you as you play Eivor, a raider from a clan of Vikings who are just setting foot on the shores of England and must make this land their own, no matter who stands in their way.

In the game, you’re not just fighting off warring factions to secure a place for yourself, you’re building up your clans’ homes, raiding fortresses, and more. So go and make war, and see if you’re able to get to Valhalla by the end.

#5 For Honor

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

If you’re looking for one of the hardest hitting Viking games out there right now, you can’t go wrong with For Honor. Mainly because this is a title where you will get to play not only as Vikings, but Samurai and Knights! Each of these warrior races have their own classes for you to choose from, build up from, and have fun in.

All the while, you’ll get to partake in absolutely epic multiplayer battles that can help determine the future of the game, which has been growing for years now.

The brutality of the combat is really a clincher for many here, as many love how the various classes and warrior races are portrayed. So pick your favorite kind of Viking and go to war!

#4 Civilization VI

Platforms: PC, iOS, Android, NS, PS4, XBO

Ok, this one may seem like a bit of a stretch, but in truth Civilization VI does offer one of its patented scenarios to allow you to be Vikings! In this scenario, you’ll take on the role of Vikings as you try to bring Europe to its needs! Even the game acknowledges that this is one of the most detailed scenarios they’ve made, so if you’re a Viking fan, you’ll want to check it out.

And of course, Civilization VI is incredibly detailed in its main game too. Where you’ll pick a culture and leader from history and do your best to make them into the greatest civilization the world has ever known. Civilization VI went into overdrive to make building, expanding, and growing more detailed and fun than it’s ever been. If you’ve never played this game before? You’re missing out.

Platforms: PC, PS3, X360, PS4, XBO, NS, PS5, X/S

We acknowledge that Skyrim isn’t your typical “Viking Title” for obvious reasons, but you have to admit that the parallels and similarities between your main character and others you meet very much meet the qualifications of Viking in certain ways.

Plus, part of being a Viking is exploring, fighting, growing, and seeing all that’s out there. And few games do that better than Skyrim. As the Dragonborn, you’ll roam the land, making yourself into a powerful being no matter which path you want to take.

It won’t always be easy, as there are plenty of enemies and monsters to fight. But if Viking life were easy, then it wouldn’t be as legendary, wouldn’t you say?

#2 The Banner Saga

Platforms: iOS, Android, PC, PS4, XBO, NS

The Banner Saga arguably could’ve taken the No.1 spot for the most basic of reasons. This is a game that truly and FULLY embraces what it meant to be part of the Viking culture, all the while adding in parts of fantasy and heavy choices in order to make it feel even grander.

In The Banner Saga, you’ll be leading a Viking party on an expedition to find a new home for your people. Along the way, you’ll need to get supplies to ensure you survive, battle foes when they arrive, and figure out how to use up to 25 different characters in a way that’ll advance your expedition, and keep all alive.

Every choice you make in The Banner Saga matters, and it can even lead to the permanent death of characters if you’re not careful. This is a game that is a true saga, and one you’ll definitely want to play.

#1 God of War

God of War

Platforms: PS4, PC

This final entry is rather ironic when you think about it. After all, God of War started off as a Greek mythology game, and so it wouldn’t belong in a list about Vikings. And yet, when the game got a “successor” of sorts on the PS4, gone were the Greek tales of old, and in was Norse mythology. And for Kratos, gone were his loud boasts and flying blades, and in was a more stoic and downright Viking-style personality, and an axe that would fell gods.

God of War on PS4 really dove deep into this Norse realm and rendered it beautifully in terms of both the visuals, the gameplay, the characters and how they interacted, and so on.

What’s more, God of War Ragnarok is coming, and that’ll have Thor, all the more reason to play this incredible game and get ready for what’s coming.


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